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Business class legal advice for business owners and directors. Fast, Efficient and Fixed-Fee Business Solicitor in Leicester and the UK for:

  • Buying, Selling & Growing Your Business
  • Writing and Reviewing Contracts
  • Corporate/Commercial/Company Law
  • General Counsel / Monthly Subscriptions
  • Employee Issues
  • Trade Marks / Intellectual Property
  • …and much more…

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Providing corporate and commerical advice to businesses like these:

It’s Remarkablaw® – Exceptional Business Law Solicitor

Are you a business owner or managing director looking for expert business law advice? I’m Steven Mather, Solicitor and a business owner like you. Here’s how I help. 

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5.0 Stars - Based on 132 User Reviews
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Buying or Selling A Business

Steven helps with share purchase agreements and asset purchases and provides a complete service for your business sale or purchase.

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Commercial Contracts

From standard terms and conditions to bespoke multi-million pound contracts, Steven helps draft and review all types of legal contracts.

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Chief Legal Advisor

Got a legal issue and don’t know how to sort it? I’ll be your General Counsel or In-House Lawyer on a monthly subscription or ad-hoc basis.

Healthcare Lawyer Solicitor for GP’s, Dentists, Pharmacists

Healthcare Law

Solicitors for GP’s, Dentists, Pharmacists and other NHS/CQC Entities. Specialist in dealing with NHS partnerships, GMS Contracts and doctors disputes. 

Employee Issues

Specialist in restrictive covenants and employee breach of confidentiality, while advising on all employment law matters.

Company / Corporate

From shareholders agreements, joint ventures, articles of associations, shares schemes and much more.

focused on your success

Who Are You?

  • Are you an SME Business wanting excellent service from an experienced professional and recommended solicitor?
  • Is your current law firm responsive?
  • Do you have a legal issue hanging over you?
  • Are you worried that the legal advice you’re receiving might be inaccurate or massively over-priced?
  • I’m Steven Mather – a Leicester Solicitor with a history of legal success after legal success.
  • I’m here to help – so why not pick up the phone?

Perhaps you’re an owner or director of a small/medium-sized business who needs expert legal advice – fast. Or maybe you’re facing a difficult legal problem and you’re unsure which way to turn. In either case you need a corporate/commercial business solicitor in Leicester who speaks to you in plain, jargon-free English; one who gives you answers – not just options; one who’s fast efficient and a pleeasure to work with.

You’ll be looking for a solicitor in Leicester who’s recommended; a solicitor who takes time to understand you and your circumstances – not one who’s obsessed with clock-watching. You need a solicitor whose approach is transparent – so that, from day one, you’ll know what you’re paying – with fixed fees rather than hourly rates. And hopefully you’ll be looking for a solicitor that will be fun to work with too.

And when you instruct me, you’ll be doing good too!

Approachable. Experienced.

Here’s how I work:

custom logoSteven Mather SolicitorSteven Mather Solicitor
5.0 Stars - Based on 132 User Reviews

Initial Consultation

For Free! We work out what your requirements are and if Steven or one of the team can help.

Fixed Fees

We’ll agree a fixed fee for the job (either in phases or an overall fee) with you and you’ll never pay more. 


You’ll need to sign up to Nexa Law’s terms and conditions and provide ID.

Job Delivered

On Time. On Budget. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why Steven Mather?

Who Am I? 

I’m a commercial solicitor in Leicester. I’m backed by Nexa Law – a next-generation law firm with national presence. Whatever your legal issue, I’m here on your side. In recent years, I’ve helped thousands of clients in legal matters and disputes worth hundreds of millions of pounds. You’re facing a legal issue. Instruct me and you’ll find a solicitor with business as well as legal expertise. You’ll find I’m experienced, having worked with top award-winning Leicester law firms. Meet me and you’ll meet a solicitor who’s more passionate about results than his fee; who, regardless of the case, will be at your side, fighting your corner. I’m a solicitor for whom dealing with legal issues is a part of daily life. Yet I understand that for you, it’s probably something keeping you up at night, it’s upsetting and life-changing. I’ll take away those worries as best I can, by creating a happy and supporting legal environment to help us both sleep better at night.

As a leading Business Solicitor in Leicester, I’ll help your business with all matters relating to:

  • Selling your business
  • Buying a business 
  • general business law legal advice
  • drafting and reviewing commercial contracts
  • dealing with problem employees
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Healthcare eg Doctors, Pharmacists and Dentists

This isn’t just me talking!

My happy clients and professional contacts back up these claims. They’ve all appreciated the results I’ve earned and my personal, individual approach. Check out my reviews

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What Steven’s clients say

Prof Rishabh Prasad

I’ve worked with Steven for a number of yeears. Unsually for a lawyer, he is very commercially minded, and can get to the nub of issues straight away. Would thoroughly reccomend him.

Anna Swinfield

I can only praise Steven. I am a new business and he has given me so much valuable advice. He is highly professional, friendly and honest. Without hesitation, I will definitely use Steven when I need a solicitor again.

Jamie Westwood

Steven was fantastic for our business and was enormously helpful in navigating us through a contract dispute. He’s clear and concise in his approach and we’d have no issue recommending him to others. We can’t give enough praise.

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