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Solicitor in Leicester specialising in Business & Commercial Litigation and Dispute Management

I’m Steven Mather Solicitor and I help businesses involved in legal battles. I’ve acted for hundreds of businesses in disputes worth tens of millions of pounds, and every time I strive to provide:

  • Plain English Advice
  • Time – to understand your situation and all that you’re faced with
  • Results – getting the best possible result for you
  • Value – fixed fees for your certainty where possible
  • Convenience – meetings by phone, video call or in-person at a time to suit you.

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Why Dispute Management rather than Commercial Litigation?

I’ve been a commercial litigation solicitor since qualifying in 2008, meaning I’ve got huge experience in legal battles – I’ve done it all, contract disputes, negligence claims, trademark and copyright disputes, defamation claims, property claims, claims over this that and the other. Amongst leicester solicitors there’s not many with as much experience in litigation as me right now.

But if you want to go to Court and litigate and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds then be my guest. I’m probably not the lawyer for you and your business.

These days, I prefer to advise businesses in dispute management because frankly speaking no sane person would voluntarily want to litigate and go to court.

But let me be clear; it’s not to say that I’m not robust or want to fold and walk away, because I’m up for the fight and I’ll back your corner all the way if needed.

However, it is much better to resolve disputes quickly and effectively so you can get on with your business. And the vast majority of times, we don’t need to go to Court.

I’d prefer to resolve the dispute through correspondence, negotiation, mediation. Of course, it takes two to tango, and so if the other party refuses to accept reality or refuses to settle on satisfactory terms, then we may need to go to Court to enforce your rights or defend your name and reputation.

What I do know is that by managing disputes rather than being gung-ho and being in court all the time is much more cost effective, less stressful and allows your business to focus on making money.

What type of legal disputes can you help with?

In short, whatever dispute that your business finds itself in, I can most likely help with.

Typically, my business clients encounter commercial disputes over things like:

  • Contract disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Agency disputes
  • Debts and unpaid invoices
  • Property disputes / landlord and tenant disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes, eg trademark or copyright
  • Disputes with/between shareholders
  • Employee disputes (particular breach of confidentiality, data theft or breach of restrictive covenants)

As I say, I’ve acted for a wide range of business types, in different sectors with a huge range of disputes, and so it is likely I’ve come across something like the dispute you’re going through before so get in touch.

What’s your hourly rate?

It’s a question I’m asked regularly, and another reason why I steer away from commercial litigation. The hourly rate model is old hat and unappealing for businesses.

I prefer to try and work on fixed fees where possible, at least for initial advice and correspondence. At least you know where you stand.

That’s not to say I’m not cheap – into my second decade of experience comes at a cost – but with that you get the benefit that I know what I’m doing, I’m fast efficient and work smartly. I am cheaper than top 50 law firms, but provide at least the same quality of work if not better, because of the consultancy model I work to.

To give you an idea, initial advice and correspondence will usually be £600 to £3000 plus VAT.

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