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I’m Steven Mather Solicitor and I am an expert in Company Law, Shareholders Agreements and Partnership Agreement. I have dealt with hundreds of businesses all of whom get excellent legal advice on all types of company and partnership matters. Every time I strive to provide:

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What is a Shareholders Agreement?

A shareholders agreement is a legally binding contract between two or more shareholders of a business. They are really important documents, probably one of the most important in a company’s legal life.

A shareholders agreement is for shareholders of a limited company. A partnership agreement is for partnerships.

I’ve heard it all the time – “we’re friends, we’ve worked together, we won’t fall out”. Or it can be family. Either way, a shareholders agreement can help when you do fall out!

Shareholders Agreements will typically include clauses about:

  • Voting
  • Shareholder Rights and Obligations
  • What happens on the sale of shares
  • Making important decisions
  • Protection for minority shareholders
  • Link shareholdings to Employment
  • Restrictions on shareholders
  • What happens if there is a dispute

A partnership agreement will cover mostly the same areas, but for partners in the business rather than shareholders. It will also deal with things like Partners Capital, Partnership Expenses and Partnership Assets.

What are pre-emption rights? ‘Drag and Tag’ rights – it’s all a bit confusing

Yes, I hate jargon too.

Pre-emption rights are clauses within shareholders agreements which deal with what happens to shares if one shareholder wishes to sell.

The most common pre-emption right states that prior to a selling shareholder being able to sell their shares to a third party, they must first offer their shares to one or all of the other shareholders first, who get the right of first refusal.

Drag and Tag options are usually used where there is a majority shareholder who wants ensure that if they agree a sale of their majority shares, that the minority shares are also sold – or dragged along – so that the whole share capital of the business can be sold. Tag along rights are effectively the reverse, allowing a majority shareholder to tag onto the sale of minority shares.

Other Company Law Services

All kinds. In the past I have dealt with a wide range of Company Law matters including the following and much more besides:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Share options
  • Company Formation / Setting up a limited company
  • Drafting articles of association
  • Creation of new share classes such as ABC or alphabet shares
  • Sale or Purchase of Shares

How much does a shareholders agreement cost?

I like to work on a fixed fee basis, and so will agree a figure with you once we’ve had a chance to speak about your specific requirements.

Generally, a Shareholders Agreement and articles of association will range from £1000 to £3500 plus VAT, with the higher end being for larger companies with more shareholders or complex arrangements, such as EMI schemes, share options and such like. The typical fee for a shareholders agreement is £1250 plus VAT.

For other Company Law matters, I’d be happy to discuss your needs on a no-obligation call by phone or video, or even just over email or whatsapp. Just get in touch.

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