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Contracts of Employment, Staff Handbooks and Employment Law Advice Package

Staff Handbook and Annual Employment Law Advice Package

Employment Law Solicitors in Leicester

I’m an Employment Law Solicitor in Leicester and I provide Leicester Businesses with advice on their Employees and Employment Law / HR Issues. I always strive to provide:

Our Employment Law Protect Package – Summary

Our amazing employment law package includes the following:

– Up to date Contracts of Employment
– Comprehensive Staff Handbook
Expert Advice throughout the year

Employers Employment Law / HR Support Package

Through Nexa Law, I offer business clients a really simple, low cost but high quality, Employment Law Package as part of the NexaFlex scheme.

As a subscriber to the employment law scheme, you get:

For more information about each option in the Employment Law Flex scheme download the packages information here.

Why use me as your Employment Law Solicitor?

I’m Steven Mather and I’m a very experienced Employment Law Solicitor for Businesses. I have dealt with hundreds of employment law matters for businesses over the last 12+ years of practising as a solicitor.

Free Staff Handbooks? Worthwhile?

I’ve seen a number of websites offering a free staff handbook. Here’s why I think your business is much better off investing a small amount in a proper handbook:

Employment Tribunal Insurance

Lots of big providers of employment law packages sell the benefits of employment tribunal insurance – they say it will cover all your legal costs if there is a claim made against you. On the face of it, it looks incredibly attractive.

However, the reality is that if you don’t follow your policies to the word and do not follow their advice, you will not be covered by the insurance. If you/your employees have been discriminatory, then you will not be covered by the insurance.

You’re only covered by the insurance if you have policies in place and you follow them properly and you follow their ‘advice’. Well, if you do all that, then there shouldn’t be a claim to deal with anyway.

So in my view, the amount you pay for the insurance is not worthwhile and much better invested in getting expert advice from an experienced solicitor and not just a paralegal in a call centre.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for expert advice, guidance and support and are looking for contracts of employment and a staff handbook then get in touch. I can help you.

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