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I appreciate that getting good quality advice from Solicitors is not the cheapest of services you can get in life. I realise that for some, the cost of going to see a solicitor might be cost-prohibitive.

One of my core values is to try to provide Justice for all those in need, and I do this by giving up a percentage of my time each week for free.

I recommend that you start with Citizens’ Advice and their website is very helpful at

However, if they cannot help, then please do contact me and book a free telephone appointment. I normally hold these on Tuesdays by telephone only and by appointment only, and time is limited. Each appointment will last no more than 15 minutes. My only request is that I’ll ask you to consider giving me a nice review online for my time.

I cannot advise you on all areas of law. However, we can provide you free legal advice on:

Please contact me now.

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