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I’ve worked with Steven for a number of yeears. Unusually for a lawyer, he is very commercially minded, and can get to the nub of issues straight away. Would thoroughly recommend him.

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Fixed Fee Lawyers

Monthly Subscription Fixed Fee Legal Support for Your Business

Flexible legal support for your business. 

Through Nexa Law, I offer a fixed-price monthly subscription service to ensure your business gets the support you want and need at the right cost. We’re here to help you and your business. We don’t want to slow you down, we just want you to be confident that the risks in your business are being well managed. We help you manage your everyday legals in a cost-effective way and treat your money like it’s our own.

And that’s why we’ve scrapped the hourly rate.

No more worrying that the call is at £350 an hour and wondering what the surprise bill might be at the end of the month.

The benefits

  • Fixed pricing means you can predict your ‘business as usual’ legal spend
  • You always get commercial, straight-forward advice and not just options or a factsheet or generic how-to guide.
  • Direct access to qualified lawyers for expert legal support
  • Your own dedicated lead lawyer who you will get to know and trust
  • No long-term commitment – one month’s notice.

How nexaflex works

We offer the ideal solution for businesses that want to pick up the phone to their own dedicated lawyer without worrying that there’s going to be a bill in their inbox at the end of the call!

Each subscription package is completely bespoke. It might just include one area (for example commercial contract reviews or employment law support). Or it might be a full legal support function which includes all services we offer, from company compliance to unlimited legal advice, document reviews and contracts – it is up to your requirements. 

If you’re a brand new client, we’ll start by having a free no-obligation chat on your legal needs, looking at what you have spent in the past on legal services to assess the predicted level of demand. We’ll ask your turnover figures and your staff numbers, as that gives an idea of your need for legal services. 

What you get:

  • Your own dedicated lawyer for all legal queries
  • Unlimited phone, email and WhatsApp support for legal advice and ad-hoc queries
  • Basic legal documents reviewed or created for you.
  • Access to a range of fixed-fee legal services as the need arises for project work
  • Attendance at Board Meetings (in person or by video call) if required

I like to think I’m a decent and reasonable person, so the subscription needs to work for both of us. So, it may be that we agree on a fee and then we reduce it after a few months because actually the demand isn’t quite as high as predicted. Or it may go up if we’re dealing with each other on a daily basis.

Ultimately, the monthly subscriptions are there to guarantee legal spend, guarantee legal support for the day-to-day matters that arise. Google and ChatGPT are pretty good, but wouldn’t be better knowing you could ring me directly, or message me, get the right answer quickly and effectively, and know that the advice is insured as well.

What you don’t get

We won’t prepare bespoke legal documents or contracts, manage transactions or get involved in managing disputes on your behalf – though we will give you initial advice on all of these matters. We will separately price and deliver those services on a needs basis. We call this “Project Work” which falls outside the monthly subscription.


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How much will it all cost?

Monthly subcriptions start from £250 plus VAT for employment only matters. Our average is £1250 plus VAT per month, which provides clients with unlimited ad-hoc support by phone and email on all legal business law issues. 

However, I’d much rather you give me a call on 0116 3667900 and have a chat about your requirements and how Steven Mather might help.


Next Steps?

If you’re interested in fixing your legal support costs, or are just looking for some legal advice call me for a free no obligation chat on 0116 3667 900, email me or click the buttons on the right of the page to use another method like WhatsApp or Messenger.