I’m a Litigation Solicitor in Leicestershire. Here’s how I can help you in a legal dispute

If you have a litigation matter, a dispute of some kind, then you’ll need excellent straight-talking advice from a Leicester litigation solicitor so you know whether you have a case or not. You’ll want someone to fight your corner, who speaks in Plain English and will be robust where needed. I’m Steven Mather, a specialist litigation solicitor and here’s how I can help you.

Contested Probate

If you want to dispute a Will, challenge executors or think you should get some inheritance, then as a litigation solicitor I can help. Contested Probate, also known as Contentious Probate, or Will Claims.

Contract Disputes

Having a dispute over a contract? Whether it is a small claim or a million-pound contract, as a litigation solicitor I offer expert contract law advice.

Debt Collection

Cash is King and I’ll help get unpaid invoices paid quickly and usually with no cost to your business. I’m a litigation solicitor in Leicester and I can help you.

Intellectual Property

Disputes over Trademarks, Copyright, Design Rights and Patents.

I specialise in Intellectual Property Disputes as a Litigation Solicitor.

Construction Disputes

Helping Builders or Home Owners involved in disputes over workmanship.

Also acting for sub-contractors in arbitration.

Landlord & Tenant

Whether you’re a Landlord or a Tenant, I can help with repossession proceedings, eviction, service of Section 21 notices and assured shorthold tenancies.

Photo of wallet in clamp insolvency solicitor Leicester

Insolvency Disputes

Acting for Insolvency Practitioners, I help get in bad debt and take action against directors and third parties.

For individuals, I help in claims following the liquidation of a company.

Shareholder Disputes

Helping Shareholders and Business Owners in disputes regarding partnerships, shareholdings and other claims such as unfair prejudice.

Professional Negligence

I’ll help you sue a solicitor, accountant, financial advisor and other professionals if they get things wrong.

For Employers

Dealing with Employment Law advice and Employment Tribunal claims against your company.

For Employees

Advising on Settlement Agreements for Employees, and bringing Employment Tribunal Claims against Employers.

What is Litigation?

Litigation, or Dispute Resolution, involves disputes between two or more parties. Steven Mather Solicitor is a Civil Litigation Solicitor based in Leicester.

When two parties are involved in a dispute, for the various reasons set out above, they should always try to resolve their dispute through discussion, negotiation or mediation, and going to Court should be the option of last resort. However, sometimes, disputes need to be decided by a Court and therefore you need to litigate. In England and Wales, only Solicitors are entitled to conduct litigation in Courts (although you can do it in person). Some barristers, but not all, are permitted to conduct litigation.

Conducting Litigation in Court means the preparation and filing of Court Documents. This is where you need a recommended litigation solicitor like me.

As a Litigation Solicitor in Leicester, I help businesses and individuals in legal disputes. Litigation is a long process. The first step in any litigation matter will be to review the evidence with you and provide advice on whether you have a good claim/defence. If you are the claimant in a litigation matter, then as your litigation solicitor, I will prepare detailed Particulars of Claim to go with the Claim Form. You will need to pay a fee to the Court to start the claim, called an Issue Fee. If you are defending a claim, a litigation lawyer will analyse the claim and provide you with advice on your defence, before preparing the written Defence document.

After the filing of a Defence, the Court will either provide dates for the next steps leading to the Trial or Hearing, or provide a hearing date at which the Judge will provide these (known as a Case Management Conference). Again, only a litigation solicitor can prepare all of the documents required for a CMC, although a Barrister can attend the hearing for you.

Before Trial, there will be a couple of other phases that will happen in litigation. Firstly disclosure of documents is where any documents, such as contracts, emails, texts, photos, videos etc are provided to the other party – whether they support your case or not. Secondly, there is the production and exchange of witness statements, which set out in your own words what happened and what the facts of the dispute are about. If there is any expert evidence required, then this will also need to be exchanged.

Litigation Solicitors are specialist in dispute resolution. As a litigation solicitor in Leicester, I always advise my clients to explore settlement via mediation or ADR – also known as Dispute Resolution.

Leicester’s Litigation Solicitor

I’m Steven Mather and I’m a very experienced litigation solicitor based in Leicester. Over the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of clients in litigation disputes worth tens of millions of pounds, ranging from a few thousand pounds up to multi-million pound claims.

I am a no-nonsense litigation lawyer. I’ll try to avoid jargon and get to the nub of the issue quickly. I’ll advise you whether I think you will win or lose your litigation. I’ll help you try to settle the litigation dispute quickly where possible.