Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation

  • Issuing statutory demands against individuals or companies
  • Disputing Statutory Demands
  • Issuing Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Presenting Winding Up Petitions
  • Corporate Insolvency, administration, liquidation, CVA, CVL etc
  • Claims for or against Insolvency Practitioners
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Insolvency Litigation Solicitors

Insolvency Litigation Solicitors

I’m Steven Mather and I am an expert Solicitor for Insolvency Disputes. I have dealt with a significant number of insolvency and bankruptcy type matters since qualifying as a solicitor in 2008 and every time our clients get:

  • Plain English Advice
  • Time – to understand your situation and all that you’re faced with
  • Results – getting the best possible result for you
  • Value – fixed fees for your certainty where possible
  • Convenience – meetings by phone, video call or in-person at a time to suit you.

Urgent Insolvency Law Advice?

Do you have an urgent insolvency law matter?

Call me now for an appointment or book online. I can usually see you within 24 hours.

What are insolvency disputes?

Insolvency disputes are ones which occur once a Company goes into insolvency; liquidation, administration, CVA, CVL etc. They often involve directors, shareholders, banks or insolvency practitioners.

As an insolvency litigation solicitor, I’ve helped lots of people, businesses and insolvency practitioners in situations including:

  • antecedent transactions, including preferences and transactions at an undervalue
  • actions against directors and former directors for misfeasance, breach of duty and the repayment of directors’ loans
  • directors’ disqualification and wrongful or fraudulent trading
  • the enforcement of security, and the effective use of set-off and retention of title
  • effective asset recovery, often involving tracing, breach of trust and restitutionary claims

Why use me as an Insolvency Disputes Lawyer?

Steven Mather is a very experienced solicitor, based in Leicestershire but dealing with matters nationally. through Nexa Law. I have dealt with hundreds of disputes, from a few thousand pounds up to multi-million pound disputes, and regularly acts for people like you in disputes following insolvency or for insolvency practitioners.

Generally, with insolvency disputes, you’ll want to resolve the dispute quickly and as cheaply as possible, and that’s precisely what I will try to do. I will provide you with specialist insolvency law advice from the start, and then deal with the matter efficiently to bring it to a resolution. That may involve liaising with the insolvency practitioner, with Court, the Bank’s solicitors or other third party.

You’ll receive my excellent service, guiding you through each step of the way using plain English.

Recent examples of Insolvency Litigation

Here’s a sample of the kinds of insolvency disputes I have dealt with recently:

  • Acting for IP in enforcing a Charging Order
  • Book debt recovery for Insolvency Practitioner
  • Numerous Claims against Directors for Overdrawn Loan Accounts
  • Claim for unpaid commissions owed to liquidated company
  • Acting for the wife of a Bankrupt business owner where Insolvency Practitioner was seeking to sell the marital home and villa in Spain.
  • Service of Statutory Demands for unpaid debts
  • Setting aside Statutory Demands where disputed and where an abuse of process
  • Advice on business restructuring
  • Issuing Winding Up Petitions and obtaining order for liquidation
  • Defending/Disputing Winding up petitions

Next Steps

If you’re unsure on the question of fees, or on any aspect of insolvency law disputes then speak to me an insolvency litigation solicitor Steven Mather.

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