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About Steven Mather - the History

I am Steven Mather, a highly experienced Solicitor and Mediator qualifying in 2008. I’ve been a business lawyer ever since – helping small business owners through their legal issues to help us all sleep better at night. I’m tenacious and robust when needed, but also very calm and supportive bringing a touch of humour and compassion to matters. I can be direct, yet friendly and I only ever use plain English. I get results for clients and provide solutions to problems – I don’t put hurdles in the way! I have acted for a wide range of clients, from national PLC clients to small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals.

What I really enjoy the most in my job is helping people. If I can help someone who just can’t sleep because they’re facing one of the biggest issues of their life, and I know what to do to fix it, it can be really rewarding. People appreciate it more when I can help them like that.

I’m all about fairness and justice for deserving clients, and seeing them get that with my help really is a passion of mine.

I am a Consultant Solicitor with Nexa Law Limited. Legal advice is provided through Nexa Law which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Mediation Services are provided by Kesters Nook Limited, which is not authorised or regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

My Core Values

  1. Keep your word.
  2. Smile. Have fun.
  3. People and relationships are more important.
  4. Seek to deliver excellent service.
  5. Be approachable and friendly. Be calm and collected.
  6. Be up to date, be knowledgable.
  7. Know when to be robust and when to be conciliatory.
  8. Do the right thing.
  9. Seek Justice and Righteousness.
  10. Work smart.

My History

Here’s a detailed CV as it were of my career.

Partner of Josiah Hincks – August 2011 to January 2020

Self EmployedAugust 2010 – August 2011

During a sabbatical from Law soon after my daughter was born, I set up two companies (an e-commerce business which I subsequently sold, and one providing services for international students). I also trained and qualified as a mediator, primarily because I could see the need and benefit for clients in resolving disputes through mediation.

I carried out my mediation training at an intensive course at the London School of Psychotherapy, Regents College, London. It combined the psychology of disputes and negotiation with mediation techniques and skills, and alongside other training I have in NLP and of course, law, allowed me to really understand the key personal motivators in disputes. I now have a very good understanding of negotiation skills and tactics, and can effectively and compassionately deal with people of all backgrounds to get great results.

BHW Solicitors – October 2005 to July 2010


School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology
Mediation, Mediation Course in Alternative Dispute Resolution · (2011 – 2011)

De Montfort University
Law, Llb, Legal Practice Course · (2001 – 2004)

Queen Elizabeth I College, Leicester
A Levels, Law, Business Studies, Computer Science · (1999 – 2001)

Lancaster Boys School Leicester
GCSEs (1994 – 1999)

The Real Story

I’ll be honest… I fell in to doing law and being a lawyer.

From a young age, I thought I would be a Formula 1 driver at the weekend and a Hairdresser on the weekday. Everyone needs a hair cut, right? Alas, being 6ft 4 and 18 stone didn’t make me an ideal size for F1!

At Secondary School, I was the young entrepreneur – I sold sweets in the playground. I ate most of the profits though. The day I sold 50 bouncy balls though was profitable but the school weren’t best pleased.

Into A-Levels, and the internet becoming possible at home, I got into computers and specifically webdesign. I had my own webdesign company, and also owned and operated a number of websites. The UK’s biggest music website, in fact. I coded one of the first price comparison sites for CDs, and was involved in one of the earliest legal music download sites. My first website pre-dates Google!

I’ve always been involved in business growing up my dad was always self-employed. I’ve even owned and ran a disability scooter shop before.

I did Business, Maths and Computers at A-Levels, and it was the Maths that I really struggled with. At the end of the first year, I got an E and so had to drop the subject and pick something else. There weren’t many one-year options; Law, Media, Psychology. So I picked Law. The teacher said I would need to “hit the ground running” and I said that’s OK as I had some good trainers.

At the end of the first assessed module, I scored 100% and started to think that I might enjoy law. I’d already signed up to University to do Computer Science and so I spoke to them to see if I could switch to Law and they said yes.

So Law it was.

I did reasonably well at Law School, excelling at modules like Contract Law and Tort Law, rather than Criminal Law and Family. I never really wanted to do those areas anyway. As the first in my family to attend University, I sadly treated it seriously and, well, studied. I read books and articles and absorbed all the interesting stuff rather than what I hear you’re supposed to do at Uni these days which is sleep and drink.

Upon graduation, I started work at a relatively new firm called BHW Solicitors in Leicester, firstly as a paralegal in the conveyancing department, on to a training contract and ultimately qualifying.

In 2010, my daughter was born and I left the firm to start my own businesses. I had two relatively successful businesses; an online business which was later sold, and a proofreading business. I also trained as a mediator to help other lawyers’ clients settle disputes.

After a year or so out of law, I was asked to join Josiah Hincks. Eight or nine months later, I became a Partner and then Head of Litigation. I was a Partner at the firm for 8 1/2 years before leaving to set up on my own as a consultant solicitor.

So now I’m a lawyer for SMEs and for individuals. I’m also an author, a podcaster, and multiple business owner.

Outside of work, I have an amazing and supportive wife and two wonderful children. I enjoy playing the piano, fine dining, and going to Church. I’m a member of Living Rock Church in South Leicestershire.

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