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1 in 3 businesses looking to make staff redundant over next three months

A survey of 2,097 British businesses published by Acas has revealed that 37% of employers are likely to make redundancies over the next three months. 56% of respondents were unlikely to make redundancies and 7% did not know. Of the large businesses surveyed (those employing more than 250 employees), 60% were likely to make redundancies, 33% were unlikely to do so and 7% did not know.

The survey, carried out by YouGov, revealed that of those participants who were likely to make redundancies, 27% were planning to do so more remotely (by video call or phone) and 33% were planning to do so more face-to-face, with 33% planning to use a mixture of both.

One in four (24%) participants stated that they were unaware of the law around consulting staff before making redundancies, a figure that increased to one in three (33%) in businesses with fewer than 50 workers.

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