I’m really proud of the kind and lovely things that people have said about me and my service. Some of these comments were made when I was at my previous firm, but all are genuine reviews.

Arran Rooke Avatar
Arran Rooke
2 weeks ago - Google

Steven has been a great help! Managed to move his diary around for me last minute and fit me in for a meeting that was very time sensitive due to a settlement agreement. He went above and beyond in terms of explaining things to me and made sure I was happy and my mind was put at ease by my decision. His knowledge is invaluable. Highly recommended!

I am Kate Avatar
I am Kate
3 weeks ago - Google

From the start Steven was professional and guided me through the whole process. He took his time to ensure I fully understood all aspects of the agreement, made sure I had all the necessary documentation and did so in a prompt and timely manner - would definitely recommend his services.

Mohamed Kassam Avatar
Mohamed Kassam
3 weeks ago - Google

Steve is very professional, responsive from the word go, incredibly personable and all round good guy. Would definitely recommend.

Chris Colmer Avatar
Chris Colmer
3 weeks ago - Google

Steven made the whole experience easy to deal with at a difficult time.. speedy response and very professional. Many thanks

Manoj Mistry Avatar
Manoj Mistry
3 weeks ago - Google

A friendly service, provided clear guidance for the redundancy and settled the agreement.

Stephen Brown Avatar
Stephen Brown
3 weeks ago - Google

Steven was extremely fast resolving my issues, he was great value for money and I will use him again. He also went out of his way to help me when he was on holiday with his family, which shows he is dedicated to delivering a top service to his clients.

Susan Hammond Avatar
Susan Hammond
3 weeks ago - Google

Had a wonderful 1-1 with Steven recently where I was able to pick his brain about anti-discrimination laws. I'm going to be doing some copywriting shortly that must be written sensitively and Steven was very clear on what was okay and what was not, while also being clear on grey areas. Overall very helpful and now I know how to approach this piece of writing. I thoroughly recommend talking to Steven and he will now be my first port of call should I have any legal issues.

Neil Wattam Avatar
Neil Wattam
1 month ago - Google

Getting legal advice can be invaluable and in general, using professionals really does make sense in most situations. We don't want to be making guesses on legal positions and agreements - it will only come back to haunt. Hence, we've worked with Steven on some important matters.

Steven is a nice chap too 👍

mark coleman Avatar
mark coleman
2 months ago - Google

Steven came highly recommended to me from a trusted source and I can honestly say the matter I needed dealing with was quickly resolved and I had full confidence in advice he gave me and the he conducts his business.

Thank you for resolving the matter Steven will be in touch in the future


Niraj Bhatt Avatar
Niraj Bhatt
2 months ago - Google

We needed urgent advice on a legal matter and Steven was quick to provide valued advice promptly. We would recommend Steven and thank him for his help.

N Young Avatar
N Young
2 months ago - Google

Steven was easy to talk to, professional and gave excellent well explained advice. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Steven

Buzz Website Design Avatar
Buzz Website Design
3 months ago - Google

Thanks go to Steven for helping out with an annoying copyright issue.
His advice was to the point, not coated in legal-ese and really put my mind at rest.
It was refreshing to get such a clear view of our legal position and particularly good that Steven has years of copyright law experience.
So, if you need a business lawyer, Steven's your man.

Buzz Website Design . Avatar
Buzz Website Design .
3 months ago - Google

Thanks go to Steven for helping out with an annoying copyright issue.
His advice was to the point, not coated in legal-ese and really put my mind at rest.
It was refreshing to get such a clear view of our legal position and particularly good that Steven has years of copyright law experience.
So, if you need a business lawyer, Steven's your man.

Darren Hopkins Avatar
Darren Hopkins
3 months ago - Google

Steven recently provided me with contract advice for my business. I found Steven to be knowledgeable, approachable and the work was completed in a timely manner. I would use Steven again and would happily recommend him.

Paragon Sales Solutions Avatar
Paragon Sales Solutions
3 months ago - Google

I highly recommend Steven! Not only is he knowledgable and wise, but his customer service is second to none. Will certainly use again!

j shar Avatar
j shar
3 months ago - Google

Steven was utterly professional and incredibly helpful, I couldn’t have been any happier with service I received. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

David Cowe Avatar
David Cowe
3 months ago - Google

Steven is a pleasure to deal with. He doesn’t mess around and gets straight to the legalities of the issue and gives clear and concise guidance and advice.
I have engaged him twice and trust him 100%.

Nim Mawee Avatar
Nim Mawee
3 months ago - Google

Stephen is absolutely brilliant, helped me so much, extremely patient, calm, professional and made me feel at ease. Thank you so much Stephen 👍👍😊😊😊

Paul Chapman Avatar
Paul Chapman
4 months ago - Google

Very much appreciated Steven Mather's responsiveness, professionalism and the high quality of the service he provided overall.

Chris London Avatar
4 months ago

Steven is a knowledgeable and helpful lawyer. When I needed support and guidance with an unpaid invoice Steven offered me the support to help make the claim and made the process easy to understand. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone looking for a lawyer

Tim Kirby Avatar
Tim Kirby
5 months ago - Google

Steven was good to speak to and broke down the situation into language easily understandable. When engaged to provide formal guidance he did this in a timely and useful manner. Would certainly recommend his services.

Sam Khan Avatar
Sam Khan
5 months ago - Google

Steven was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He was very thorough and gave excellent and worthwhile advice. I would definitely use Steven's services again, and I would highly recommend him.

Jason Mitchell Avatar
Jason Mitchell
6 months ago - Google

Steve was great! He made sure that everything was explained and clear and made the whole process painless. I would recommend him to anyone!

Ben Carrick Avatar
Ben Carrick
6 months ago - Google

Stephen prepared the times and conditions documents for my websites.
Obviously there is a lot of jargon involved in this type of activity but I found him to be patient, informative and very thorough.
At our initial meeting he was very keen to ensure that he understood all aspects of my business and madeA number of useful suggestions before proceeding to prepare my documents.
I found to be extremely professional, happy to explain the detail in layman's terms and I would not hesitate to recommend him based on my experience.

Paul Green Avatar
Paul Green
8 months ago - Google

Whilst I have not used Steven directly, he has been a valuable contribution to the Connect networking community.

He has demonstrated his wide range of experience and knowledge through the presentations he has given and the contributions he has made in terms of advice that he has given when engaging in the interactive parts of the meeting.

I would have no hesitation recommending him when you are in a legal pickle!

Mark Coster Avatar
Mark Coster
8 months ago - Google

I've known Steven for a couple of years or more as a regular attendee at one of the networking events in Market Harborough.

He has always come across very well, freely sharing his expertise within the meetings and demonstrating he has a wealth of knowledge. This has been reinforced by the presentations he has done for the group which have been informative and fun (much like Steven himself).

I referred a client of mine to him a while ago who wanted to get information on trademarking a logo I had created for them. He had a call with my client and was...
read more

Tim Ladd Avatar
Tim Ladd
8 months ago

One always hopes never to need a lawyer but the pitfalls of business in our modern day, sometimes you need one even if you’ve done nothing wrong, I’d thoroughly recommend Steven who is at the top of his specialist Law matters. Steven takes care of everything and takes the worry and burden out of those long waits between responses from the others involved. Very thorough and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Tim Ladd

Richard Lunn Avatar
Richard Lunn
8 months ago - Google

Steven is without doubt one of the most personable and knowledgeable solicitors I have ever met. He will go out of his way to help you with any queries you have and has a vast amount of experience and professional expertise to best advise you whilst covering all options. More importantly he can explain all this in a language you can understand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steven's services, especially if you want the right result.

Steve Elliott Avatar
Steve Elliott
8 months ago - Google

An incredibly professional and personal service.

George  Tighe Avatar
George Tighe
8 months ago - Google

I went to see Steven Mather regarding a dispute with a car rental company I found his service beyond excellent and he very quickly brought the matter to a very satisfactory close. I found Steven very approachable and he always had time to explain the legal process in terms the ordinary man in the street could understand, all in all Steven’s service was definitely a perfect 10.

Steve Tempest Avatar
Steve Tempest
8 months ago - Google

I’ve known Steven for a number of years on both personal and a professional level.
He’s very knowledgeable and most of all he’s a winner, which is precisely the trait you need from a Solicitor. Having acted for me on a couple of occasions I can highly recommend him, and I have done so to a number of my clients who have engaged his services.

Pete Jennings-Bates Avatar
Pete Jennings-Bates
9 months ago

Steven is an exceptional Lawyer with a wealth of knowledge, as well as a very nice chap. I have no hesitation in recommending him. If you need a Lawyer then speak to the best,,,, Steven Mather.

Jason Thompson Avatar
Jason Thompson
POSitive Source
10 months ago

Having used Steven over the past couple of years I would have no hesitation in recommending his services and in particular his employment law knowledge. He is approachable and friendly and offers clear and concise advice in an open and honest manner.

Norm Bowdler Avatar
Norm Bowdler
1 year ago

Used Steven for a difficult Probate Matter, and nothing but praise for the way he concluded the matter successfully in double-quick time. I Absolutely would not hesitate to recommend him for any legal matters that may come.

Andrew Stevens Avatar
Andrew Stevens
2 years ago

I have used Steven on a number of occasions and have nothing but good to say about him. He is not only personable but also deals with matters quickly and provides commercial advice, in plain English. I would have no problems in recommending him to anyone.

Andy Gilbert Avatar
Andy Gilbert
Go M.A.D.
2 years ago

"Friendly, knowledgeable, caring, practical and results orientated" are a few words that immediately spring to mind when thinking about Steven. So, if that's what you are looking for in a solicitor I recommend giving him a shout.

Caroline Hunt Avatar
Caroline Hunt
Emerald Starfish
2 years ago

Steven rewrote my T&Cs and gave me a superb service. He met with me personally to ensure that the document included everything that we wanted to. I felt a valued client and nothing was too much trouble for Steven. He was patient, professional and ensured that the momentum was kept up until the work was finished. I would happily recommend him.

Daniel Howe Avatar
Daniel Howe
District Crown Prosecutor
4 years ago

The finest civil litigation lawyer I have had the pleasure to work with. Formidable legal knowledge and reassuring nature makes him the person I would recommend for anyone in need of legal assistance.

Glen Stredder Avatar
Glen Stredder
6 years ago

I would recommend Steve to anyone requiring high quality legal support with any litigation/legal issue. I have known Steve for some years now and do not hesitate in recommending him

Luke Pollard Avatar
Luke Pollard
6 years ago

Steven is an expert in his game and I would strongly advise anyone who is in a dispute to go and see him

Bill Dixon Avatar
Bill Dixon
6 years ago

I have had the pleasure of meeting Steven several times over the last year or so at various business and social events and found him to be a very friendly and approachable chap who displays a genuine interest in other people. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for open and honest legal advice.

Kelly Payne Avatar
Kelly Payne
6 years ago

A very dedicated and passionate solicitor, I would always recommend him and his company before anyone else.

Robert Radford Avatar
Robert Radford
6 years ago

Steven has acted for a number of our clients and has achieved some very good outcomes in claims for wrongful selling.

Anne Wilson Avatar
Anne Wilson
6 years ago

We have found Steven Mather to be knowledgeable in the of litigation where we needed some significant degree of support.

He has been attentive to detail and offered expert guidance on all the contractual issues we needed to address. With his input the litigation process has become more simpler and straightforward than we initially anticipated. We found him to be well researched, and willing to go the extra mile and deal with matters promptly.

His experience in mediation procedures has also been very beneficial.

Rob Davy-Cripwell Avatar
Rob Davy-Cripwell
7 years ago

I worked with Steven to produce terms and conditions for my business. He understood and took on board that I wanted these to be in plain english and easy for me to explain to my clients. The results were excellent and both myself and my clients now have more confidence in my business.

Daniel Danaher Avatar
Daniel Danaher
7 years ago

Steven is a specialist in litigation work, and gets results.

Paul Gadd Avatar
Paul Gadd
7 years ago

I've known Steven for the majority of his time at Josiah Hincks solicitors. He is a man of integrity and trust, with a keen mind to see past a problem to find a solution. From my experience he listens more than he talks, giving considered answers. I've never instructed him to work on my behalf, but would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Darren WIlloughby Avatar
Darren WIlloughby
7 years ago

I have worked with Steven for the last 6 months and have found him to be extremely personable and knowledgeable of his subject matter - He takes an active interest in his clients and always ensures them the best solution and having worked with him I had no hesitation in recommending his firm to a bank that I recently did some work for

Andy Larkum Avatar
Andy Larkum
8 years ago

Steven was reassuring, clear, and confidence inspiring in his work for us. We felt we were in safe hands from start to finish. Based on our experience, we would strongly recommend Steven's services.

Michael Broderick Avatar
Michael Broderick
8 years ago

Steven took the time to sit and discuss the help that I needed in detail. He understood that complex english was not a strong point for me and went the extra mile to ensure that I understood exactly what he was telling me. He is currently helping me with a number of different cases, I am extremely happy with the service and progress we have made so far.

I would happily recommend him to anyone- his knowledge of legal procedures, interpersonal skills, customer care and his clear and concise way of explaining legal processes, set him apart from competitors in his...
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Ras Alwany Avatar
Ras Alwany
8 years ago

Steven is a very honest and open person and is fun to work with. He has many qualities which include being helpful if I needed help with any matter, not only being helpful he showed tremendous knowledge in the subject and went out of his way to explain things to me.
He also has a good sense of humour and made us all laugh with his witty jokes. He has good leadership qualities and leads the team with great ease, and looks after the team very well, leading by example.
He can cheer anyone up if one is feeling down and lift...
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