Legal Guides

Sometimes I come across clients, usually smaller businesses, who cannot afford nor justify the cost of instructing a solicitor, and that is completely understandable.

And so I created Law eBooks and the Legal Guides below.

They are all written by experts like me, Solicitors, Barristers and lawyers who really know their stuff. But they’re all written in Plain English and offer practical help, tips and guidance so you can get the job done yourself. It’s like having a lawyer in your back pocket.

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Our Money Claims Online guide is aimed at small business owners who wish to start or defend legal proceedings in the Small Claims Court, and in particular using the Government's…


This is the Ultimate Guide to Settlement Agreements - Everything you need to know about settlement agreements before you sign one. Written by Steven Mather, Solicitor, and a genuine expert…


DISCLAIMER: the information contained within these legal guides is NOT a legal advice. When you purchase a guide, you are not creating a solicitor-client relationship and (unless you pay for advice separately through a regulated firm such as Nexa Law) we do not accept any responsibility for your using the guide, their contents or application to your circumstances. If you want bespoke legal advice, then please get in touch to instruct me formally through my regulated law firm.

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