Online Statutory Declarations via Zoom Video Calls

Do you need a document swearing under oath? Do you need to make a Statutory Declaration? Would you rather do that online via video call than traipse into a solicitors office?

Statutory Declarations Online

Over the last few months of lockdown, I’ve conducted a significant number of online statutory declarations.

Mostly, these are statutory declarations of solvency for a solvent winding up of a business.

I work with a number of insolvency practitioners and business turnaround experts to help them and their clients swear statutory declarations online.

How do online statutory declarations work?

They’re really simple. Once we’ve sorted some compliance, we will schedule a short video call via Zoom (or other software but Zoom allows me to record the meeting).

In the video call, I’ll ask you to show some ID to me for the video recording, to demonstrate that you are in fact the person due to give the statutory declaration.

I will then get you to read out loud the exact wording on the statutory declaration.

Once done, I’ll ask you to sign the statutory declaration in my presence – usually the camera angle may need to be adjusted so I can see you signing.

You then email me the statutory declaration and I will complete the document.

Are online statutory declarations legal?

In short, yes I believe it is. A barrister I work with on insolvency law matters, Phil Patterson at Hardwicke in London Has set out some legal reasoning here.

I’m satisfied that we can take statutory declarations online via Zoom.

Can all statutory declarations be made online?

At present the guidance does not necessarily cover all types of statutory declarations and therefore I’m only doing two types for insolvency matters:

  1. A statutory declaration under section 89 of Insolvency Act, given by the directors confirming the company can pay all its debts (solvency) in a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL).
  2. A statutory declaration of a company entering administration – rule 3.17 of the Insolvency Rules 2016.

What is the cost of making a statutory declaration online?

Yes – I charge £135 plus VAT to swear a statutory declaration online per director.

Do statutory declarations need to be done by a solicitor?

No. Statutory Declarations can be declared before a solicitor or “commissioner of oaths”, which are usually notary publics. I’m a solicitor and so I am able to take/make/sign (whatever word you like) statutory declarations- and I do my statutory declarations online rather than you having to go to a solicitors office and waste your time.

I need to sign a statutory declaration online, can you help?

Yes of course. Just get in contact by phone Or WhatsApp message on 0116 3667900 or email