Our Money Claims Online guide is aimed at small business owners who wish to start or defend legal proceedings in the Small Claims Court, and in particular using the Government’s Money Claims Online service.

In this easy to understand book, you’ll learn about:

  • How to access the Money Claims Online website
  • Registering for an Account
  • How to start a Money Claim/Small Claims online
  • What is a Breach of Contract
  • How to Defend a Claim online
  • The Steps for Small Claims matters
  • Preparing for Trial
  • Plus much more.

This really is the ultimate guide to Small Claims Court.

The information contained in this eBook comes from years of experience from a lawyer on the front line – issuing these claims and dealing with Small Claims matters daily. Hours of work has gone into writing this book to be comprehensive and yet simple to follow.

After reading this book, you will be able to issue a small claim online via Money Claims Online without any doubt!

If you’re taking someone to court, are unsure about the small claims procedure, small claims court process, and money claims online, then this is the guide for you. While aimed at Small Business Owners, it is also the perfect for individuals to help them in money claims online and small claims court matters.

Your Options: 

Option 1 – eBook Only

With this option, you get an immediate download of the eBook only. This will help you to start or defend a Money Claim online.

Option 2 – eBook, Templates and Video Guide

This is the complete package and most small business owners would choose this option. Along with the excellent eBook, it also provides the following templates which are completely free to use and lawyer approved:

  • Template Letter Before Action / Letter of Claim to a Debtor for Unpaid Invoice (worth £150 plus VAT*)
  • Template Particulars of Claim for Unpaid Invoice to use on Money Claims Online (worth £300 plus VAT)
  • All of the Court Rules included for reference
  • Court Forms

You also get access to a pre-recorded video showing the exact step-by-step method you need to take to start your own claim. Over 15 minutes long, the video takes you through a live example on the actual Money Claims Online website.

* estimate of legal costs if using a solicitor

Option 3 – Everything above PLUS 30 minutes conference with Steven Mather and email support for 3 months.

While we’re confident that the eBook has all you need to issue a claim, we realise that sometimes you might need expert advice on matters. You’ll get half an hour of time with Steven

Reviews of Money Claims Online Guide

‘Clearly written, user friendly and a very helpful tool for the small business owner.  In troubled times, it can be hard to tell which businesses genuinely have an issue paying their bills and which are finding excuses to not do so. This, combined with the costs and ignorance surrounding making a claim online means many business owners can go under as result of a bad debt. This book contains templates, guidance and a clear way forward for businesses in such a situation, at a cost negligible compared to obtaining formal legal advice. Highly recommended’

James Blacklaw, JB Commercial Finance

Small Business Owners Guide to Money Claims Online is a must read book for any business owner contemplating issuing a claim through the Money Claims Online process.  It is written in plain, easy to understand English, with legal jargon kept to the minimum and thoroughly explained where used as a necessity.  The book also is full of handy practical tips to ensure your best chance of success in recovering money owed to you’. 

Jamie Cochrane, PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency

Just read the Money Claims Online book by Law eBooks- really clear, step-by-step advice on how to put a claim in online. Not too heavy on legal jargon, where unavoidable there is a glossary that explains what the legal terms mean. Not only that but there are some superb templates which just make the job that much simpler if you have to go through this process. Well worth the investment.’

Paul Green, The Business Community

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