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Leicester County Court Solicitors

If you are looking for information on Leicester County Court then that information is here: https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/courts/leicester-county-court-and-family-court

If you are a solicitor looking for a solicitor agent to attend a hearing at Leicester County Court, then I can assist. My offices are close to Leicester County Court (and Nuneaton County Court) and I am happy to take on any solicitor agent work at the Court such as:

  • interim hearings / Application Hearings
  • Costs and Case Management Conferences
  • repossession work
  • small claims hearings

For most matters, I am happy to work on a fixed fee basis unless you require an hourly rate.

I qualified as a Solicitor in 2008 and most recently was Head of Litigation at an award-winning Leicester Law Firm. I am now a consultant solicitor with Nexa Law, and based in Leicestershire. I have masses of experience and since qualification have conducted much of my own advocacy except final hearings. I am a familiar face to the District Judges in Leicester.

I have a small claims hearing, should I instruct a solicitor to attend?

This page is intended to be for other solicitors, not for consumers.

However, we can and do regularly attend Leicester County Court when instructed by clients like you, to attend Small Claims hearings or to deal with Small Claims matters (or indeed other matters).

Please contact our Litigation Solicitor in Leicester for more help and support.

Steven Mather

Leicester County Court Solicitor

Call on 0116 3667 900 or email steven@stevenmather.co.uk