Coronavirus – a Free Home Working Policy

Given the rapid changes in the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, it seems likely that companies may be asked/forced by the Government to accommodate home working to contain the spread of infection.

Update: on 16th March 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged those who can to work from home. If you do not have a working from home policy in place now is the time!

As of today, 10th March 2020, Italy has an enforced lockdown. How would your business cope if staff were not permitted to travel to work?

I’m therefore making available one of my Employment Law Policies for FREE today – a sample Homeworking Policy.

Now, first a disclaimer:

This is a template policy and might not be useful or appropriate for your business. I am specifically not giving you or your business any legal advice here. There is no relationship between me and you. If you have any concerns or issues, then you should get proper legal advice, from me or another employment lawyer, before taking any steps you are unsure of.

Ok, if you’re happy with that then let’s proceed with the free Coronavirus Homeworking Policy.

I’ve specifically added in a provision about Coronavirus COVID-19 on the basis that it seems a possibility the Government’s advice could be to limit face to face close contact.

This Free Homeworking Policy usually forms part of my Employment Law Protect service which offers small business fixed fee and comprehensive advice and provision of contracts of employment and detailed staff handbooks. See more here:

It permits employees to request homeworking in certain circumstances, which you may choose to narrow and keep just for the Coronavirus outbreak or keep extended as per the template policy.

It is important that your business properly considers homeworking and the risks involved before a) using this policy and b) letting employees work from home. While many office-based businesses can now offer agile and remote working, data security and confidentiality are two major issues and legal risks to consider.

Part of my job as an employment law solicitor to businesses is to consider how employment law interacts with commercial practicalities. Sometimes, homeworking might not be possible, and so if the Government do impose it, then there may need to be some other discussions about the termination of employment or what else the business can do. I provide this ongoing advice to clients of one of my employment packages.

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