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Construction / Building Disputes Solicitors

Steven Mather Solicitor is an expert in business Construction Contract Disputes. Steven has dealt with many construction contract disputes and every time he strives to provide:

  • Plain English Advice
  • Time – to understand your situation and all that you’re faced with
  • Results – we are driven to get the best possible result for you
  • Value – we work on fixed fees where possible
  • Convenience – meetings by phone, video call or in person at a time to suit you.

Urgent Construction Dispute Advice?

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What is a construction contract disputes?

A Construction Contract is, in fact, defined by legislation – Part II of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act

What is a construction contract

In real terms a construction contract is any contract for the design or build of property.

There are a number of so-called Standard Form Contracts in use in the UK, such as:

  • JCT Contracts (Joint Contracts Tribunal)
  • NEC Contracts (New Engineering Contracts)
  • ACA (Association of Consultant Architects).

By far the most commonly used are the JCT contracts, and these can include:

  • DB: Design and build contract.
  • CE: Constructing Excellence contract.
  • CM: Construction management contract.
  • IFC: Intermediate form of building contract.
  • MC: Management building contract.
  • MTC: Measured term contract.
  • MW: Agreement for minor work.
  • PCC: Prime cost building contract.
  • MP: Major project construction contract.
  • RM: Repair and maintenance contract (commercial).
  • SBC: Standard Building Contract.

However, construction contracts can also be unwritten oral contracts – just a builder coming to your house, quoting for work and then carrying that work out. And it is these construction contracts which generally have more disputes.

What about disputes for residential property.- a dispute with your builder or other tradesperson?

Steven is a business lawyer primarily and therefore typically acts for contractors, sub-contractors and builders. However, if you’ve got a dispute with your builder then here’s what Steven suggests:

  1. Speak to an RICS Surveyor and get a written experts report on the issues at hand – the defects, the work still to be done, the costs etc
  2. See if you have Legal Expenses Insurance on your home insurance policy to cover legal fees.
  3. Try to resolve the matter directly or through mediation.
  4. Litigation is the last resort.

There are plenty of decent law firms in Leicester which will deal with a dispute with your builder. If you really want to pay for Steven’s expert advice, then of course he will assist, but it is typically only worth engaging Steven on disputes worth more than £100,000.

Why use Steven as a Construction Disputes Lawyer?

Steven Mather is a very experienced construction contracts disputes solictor based in Leicester. He has dealt with hundreds of disputes, mostly in excess of £100,000 and up to multi-million pound disputes, since qualification as a lawyer in 2008.

Steven can help you from start to finish. General steps in a building dispute might include:

  • 7 Day Letter
  • Letter of Claim / Letter before action
  • Obtaining expert evidence
  • Issuing or defending a claim either in High Court or County Court
  • Exploring settlement eg via mediation
  • Preparing for trial
  • Enforcement of a CCJ

How much do construction contract disputes cost?

There is quite a wide range in costs, as it depends on the value, complexity and other party’s actions. The following costs are estimates only and do not include disbursements such as Court Fees, Experts or Barristers costs. You will be given a bespoke estimate or fixed fee when we discuss your case.

Initial advice from Steven and a Letter of Claim in a building dispute is likely to cost between £1000-2000 plus VAT.

If the dispute is under £10,000 then it will be a small claims matter and you’ll be advised to deal with it yourself.

Multi-Track Claims (over £50,000 up to £1m) typically cost between £20,000 and £100,000 plus VAT.

Next Steps

If you’re unsure on the question of fees, or on any aspect of construction law disputes then speak to me a litigation solicitor in Leicester.

Just fill in the form on the side of this page, or give us a call to discuss further.

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