Business Interruption Insurance: A guide for small business

What is and isn’t covered by business interruption insurance? Business Interruption Insurance is something at the forefront of small business owners minds now right, facing closures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Government enforced lockdown.  Many people are turning to …

App icon incorporating text “free prints” infringed Trademark but was not passing off

App icon incorporating text “free prints” infringed figurative trade mark incorporating identical text and registered for photographic printing services (High Court) The High Court has ruled that the use of an icon incorporating the text “free prints” in relation to …

8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Not Have A Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is an important document setting of the contract between individual or corporate shareholders. This article gives 8 reasons why you should give serious consideration to having a shareholders agreement no matter what size your business is. Or not!

Coronavirus – a Free Home Working Policy

Given the rapid changes in the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, it seems likely that companies may be asked/forced by the Government to accommodate home working to contain the spread of infection. Update: on 16th March 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged …

Do I have to pay Sick Pay if an Employee is off work because of Coronavirus COVID-19

Q: Do you have to pay sick pay if an Employee is off work because of Coronavirus?

A: Unless they have received written notice to self-isolate, you do not need to pay employees SSP. However, your contract may require you to pay full pay.


Changes to Employment Contracts/Statements of Terms from April 2020

In its Good Work Plan, published in December 2018, the government announced several changes to the scope of section 1 statements in relation to any person starting work on or after 6 April 2020. In summary, the changes are: The …